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Ted 2 Review!

First off here’s the good news Seth MacFarlane’s latest uber-immature yet funny, New England style of over the top humor is still delivered with plenty of style and wit.  And few could deliver it better I mean how many can just make the sound of a Boston/New England accent funnier than MacFarlane?  Exactly.

And thanks to some new additions/faces in the form of Amanda Seyfried, as a new suitor for Mark Walhberg’s “John” (the original’s Mila Kunis bailed out due to pregnancy) and the always wanted and likable Morgan Freeman he builds on his buddy-stoner comedy series. Seriously how many of us still smile at the “Thunder Buddies” song? Be honest.  And they are back in full force and still just as likable as always when it comes to MacFarlane’s characters. Let’s see there’s a “Breakfast Club” montage, tons and tons of pop culture and cult film and comic book jokes, and without a doubt, one of if not the best “Jurassic Park” weed jokes that will make the hardest to impress roll with laughter.

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But sadly, with all of that here’s the bad news and it’s this, for every good joke there’s about two or three that just get old fast or fail all together.  In fact some of the gags used in this one have already been done on “Family Guy” everything from a semen spill, just see it, to a cut away to making bad suggestions at a comedy improve group. Again like I said just see it, you’ll understand. It gets old and makes this one just feel like a been there, done that film with used up, eye rolling gags that just get tiring making this one just a sad shell of it’s predecessor.

ted 2, film monster, ted 2 review, mark wahlberg, seth macfarlane,

Now that doesn’t mean MacFarlane is done and finished, not by a long shot. If he really wanted to continue making live action films he really could be this generations Woody Allen or Mel Brooks, but just recycling old gags from his prior work is not what made them great. They found new ideas and new ways and went on with that which is why I was just so down to see MacFarlane seeming to just throw a bunch of old stuff together thinking that’s creative or good and we’ll all just take it with a grin and like it. Wrong, Wrong!

Already there’s talk of a “Ted 3,” won’t surprise me, I just really, really hope MacFarlane doesn’t just rehash what he did and try to make something original or build on what he did for the next time around. Seriously, I really do.

Rating: 2 ½ out of 4 stars

Written by: Jason Greathouse