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Focus Review!

After the tremendous success, and I use that term loosely as the movie stunk, “After Earth” you would be forgiven if you thought that Will Smith would be quick to comeback? I mean he did manage to rebound from “Wild Wild West” with “Ali.” And he did give us a string of action/sci-fi adventure films that have helped produce a string of sequels. Well sadly it can get worse for the guy, and the proof is this caper/con-artist/romance/thriller, whatever you want to call it trap, I mean film, that is “Focus.”

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A film that test both the audience’s patience as well as its tolerance to see just how far it’s going to aggravate us. Basically Will Smith is a con/identity thief/thief/hacker whatever it is he does but let’s just say criminal who just steals and steals and bores and bores and manages to get a sexy blonde to help bore us some more. Because what’s a caper without a sexy blonde right? SIGH

The fact that we, the audience is supposed to find some kind sympathy or even like this guy who, preys on average people, is almost as insulting as thinking this was a good idea. It’s one thing to try and find a film with style, especially a caper film but where Guy Richie and Steven Soderberg succeeded with “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Snatch” here directors, and yes I used plural because one person isn’t enough, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa just figure make every cut flash, every shot a weird angle, and every bit of lighting blue and purple well that’s just gonna be so cool that we’ll all love it right? Oh stop insulting our intelligence.

will smith, margo robbie, focus, review,

Now I guess a possible bright spot, if any, is there is Australian beauty Margot Robbie, who manages to bring all the sultry sex appeal she presented in her breakout role in “Wolf of Wall Street” along here as well. But where as “Wolf” there was something for her to do here I guess the direction is “Stand still, look hot, look pretty.” It gets old fast.

And the ending, which I won’t spoil, but I’m tempted to do in order to keep people from wasting their time here too, but it’s a yawner. A contrived, clichéd, just get over with it as you could expect from this horrid film.

But, let’s not cry a river for Mr. Smith why he’s supposed to have “Bad Boys 3” and “Men in Black 4” coming in the next two years. And if he keeps making crap like this that might be all he makes, too bad.

will smith, margo robbie, focus, review,

1 out of 4 stars

Written by: Jason Greathouse