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Krampus Review!

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Considering how we always have a very small amount of holiday movies from year to year, I always find myself jumping right to one that actually looks good so I can get my holiday fix.  It’s a shame that many filmmakers, and the Hollywood machine itself, just can’t get it right when it comes to holiday movies because it’s an untapped resource for people like me who are clamoring for Halloween movies, Thanksgiving (yes those too), and Christmas movies.  I grew up in a time when I had holiday shows and movies hitting my TV year after year before the production of these show and movies found themselves in Hallmark Channel hell.  So when I saw the trailer for Krampus I was enjoyed beyond belief.  Here was a horror Christmas film about the the “Anti-Santa” who punishes children for misbehaving.

The film follows Max (Emjay Anthony) who, despite his best intentions, isn’t having the greatest Christmas.  No one seems to be in the Christmas spirit.  His sister, Beth (Stefania LaVie Owen) hates him, his very liberal mom and dad (Adam Scott & Toni Collette) aren’t in the mood to deal with him with the impending visit of his extremely rude and very conservative Aunt & Uncle (Allison Tolman & David Koechner) and their stereotypical redneck children.  When the two families collide Max rips up his letter he was writing to Santa and tosses it out the window, an action he unknowingly causes Krampus, to come on Christmas and punish his family.

krampus, adam scott, David Koechner, christmas, horror, film monster, chad posey, toni collette


Directed by Michael Daughtry (Trick r’ Treat), the film is very strong in it’s creepy atmosphere and mostly practical effects, and Krampus himself is terrifying to see but he’s largely missing.  He spends the first part of the film sneaking around the shadows like the shark from Jaws, until he fully reveals himself near the end and this is where my problems with the film lies.  We spend a large amount of time with this horrible family and I get you’re supposed to hate them based on your political beliefs but they were too far on the left or right that I hated all of them throughout the entire film and didn’t feel sorry for anyone as they were picked off one-at-a-time. I get that you’re supposed to dislike the characters, even flat out hate them, but Daughtry and company decided to make the two main characters, played by Adam Scott and David Koechner, and their families are so liberal and conservative I couldn’t wait for them to get knocked off.

krampus, adam scott, David Koechner, christmas, horror, film monster, chad posey, toni collette

Another issue I had was with Krampus is Krampus himself or the lack of.  Instead of having the main villian attempting to get in the house we have to spend an hour watching his minions, which consist of a killer teddy bear, a evil doll that looks like a tree angel, ginger bread cookies (which by far are the worst effect), a giant Jack-in-the-Box that slithers around the house like a snake, and some dark elves, until Krampus finally shows up in all his glory but when he finally does arrive it’s amazing to see.  The mixture of practical effects and CGI blend together pretty flawlessly.

It’s clear that Daughtry is attempting to make his own version of Gremlins and he largely succeeds over his failures but the film just feels incomplete where Trick r Treat was more rounded Krampus feels cut, incomplete, and really  suffers from the PG-13 rating because it can only go so far in the horror and comedy instead of really committing hard to both.

In the end, I did enjoy the movie, it’s visually stunning, creepy, funny and mostly hits all the right points and I feel it’s another one of those movies that will benefit from a sequel because it would allow Daughtry to build of the lore of Krampus.  The film really showcases what’s wrong with our society around the holidays and how we’re more interested in the things we get then the company of our loved ones and how there are quite a few people who could use a visit from Krampus this Christmas, but unless you’re hankering for a this type of movie you’re better off just waiting for it to hit Blu-ray/DVD.

krampus, adam scott, David Koechner, christmas, horror, film monster, chad posey, toni collette


Ridley Scott Confirms, Prometheus 2 Will Start Production In February!

Prometheus, ridley scott, promethus 2, sci-fi, horror, chad posey, screenhall

Prometheus was a very mixed bag for me.  On one hand I was completely enjoying everything about it but as the film went on many of it’s glaring problems began to rise to the surface and really hurt the film overall. Despite those problems I did want to see more, I wanted to know what was out there, which is so fascinating about outer space to begin with.  Who created us?  Why did they create us?  There were some very intriguing ideas flourishing in the film, ideas Ridley Scott plans on continuing with the sequel to his sci-fi/horror prequel which is set to go into production this February.

Prometheus 2 will continue Shaw’s mission to seek out the Engineers’ home world in order to find out why they created humanity and then wanted to snuff us out. “You can either say, leave the first film alone and jump ahead, but you can’t because it ends on too specific a plot sentence as she says, I want to go where they came from, I don’t want to go back to where I came from,” Scott explained. “I thought the subtext of that film was a bit florid and grandiose, but it asks a good question: who created us?”

Prometheus, ridley scott, promethus 2, sci-fi, horror, chad posey, screenhall

The biggest question many of use want answered is Michael Fassbender, who played David the android in the 2012 film, will return for the sequel. “Oh, yes, Fassbender will do this one with me, and it’s meant to start production in February. I’m in prep, now. I’ll either shoot in Aussie, or here.”

I’m really eager to see more, but Ridley has to up his game on the sequel and not repeat the same stupid things he had in the first film.  Anyone else excited for Prometheus 2?

Quentin Tarantino Critiques It Follows!

it follows, quentin tarantino, chad posey, interview, horror, critiques it follows, screenhall

It Follows was a film that just kind of showed up and caught the attention of horror fans almost overnight.  The film followed a young girl who contracts a sort of supernatural STD, when she sleeps with a man she goes out on a date with then is told that ‘It’ will continue to follow her until she slept with someone else and passes it onto someone else.  I really liked the film but I did have some problems with it, the same problems Quentin Tarantino confessed during an interview with Vulture.

“It’s one of those movies that’s so good that you start getting mad at it for not being great. The fact that he didn’t take it all the way makes me not just disappointed but almost a little angry.  Mitchell broke his mythology left, right, and center. We see how the bad guys are: they’re never casual. They’re never just hanging around. They’ve always got that one look and they always just progressively move toward you,” he continued.

“Yet in the movie theater, the guy thinks he sees the woman in the yellow dress and the girl goes, ‘What woman?’ Then he realizes that it’s the follower. So he doesn’t realize it’s the follower upon just looking at her? She’s just standing in the doorway of the theater, smiling at him, and he doesn’t immediately notice her? You would think that he, of anybody, would know how to spot those things as soon as possible. We spotted them among the extras.”

it follows, quentin tarantino, chad posey, interview, horror, critiques it follows, screenhall

This was just the beginning of some of the problems with the film as the The Django Unchained director then went on to his issues with the story line that didn’t add up.  “The movie keeps on doing things like that, not holding on to the rules that it sets up. Like, okay, you can shoot the bad guys in the head, but that just works for 10 seconds? Well, that doesn’t make any fucking sense. What’s up with that? And then, all of a sudden, the things are aggressive and they’re picking up appliances and throwing them at people? Now they’re strategising? That’s never been part of it before. I don’t buy that the thing is getting clever when they lower him into the pool. They’re not clever.”

Tarantino then concluded by pointing out the flaws in the main character too, and the decisions she made towards the end of the film. “Also, there’s the gorgeously handsome, geeky boy — and everyone’s supposed to be ignoring that he’s gorgeous, because that’s what you do in movies — that kid obviously has no problem having sex with her and putting the thing on his trail. He’s completely down with that idea.”

“So wouldn’t it have been a good idea for her to f*** that guy before she went into the pool, so then at least two people could see the thing? It’s not like she’d have been tricking him into it. It’s what I would’ve done.”

As I’ve stated, I really did enjoy the film but I also had to warn people that it was an art house horror film and quite frankly many just wouldn’t get it, but the issues QT had I carried myself.  It was frustrating the way David Robert Mitchell breaks his own rules and doesn’t seem to have a firm grasp on his world and rules.  If you love scary movies and are just a movie buff in general I do recommend checking it out you won’t hate yourself for the time spent watching the film, but you do wish it had just been a better then the final product.

it follows, quentin tarantino, chad posey, interview, horror, critiques it follows, screenhall

Victor Frankenstein Official Trailer

victor, frankenstein, film monster, chad posey, daniel radcliffe, james mcavoy

Told from Igor’s perspective, we see the troubled young assistant’s dark origins, his redemptive friendship with the young medical student Viktor Von Frankenstein, and become eyewitnesses to the emergence of how Frankenstein became the man – and the legend – we know today.

This just looks odd, some strange horror/comedy/action mashup and I’m not really sure how  I feel about it.  I’m intrigued as I am for just about any movie, but don’t really feel the urge to go see it because I fear it will be horrible, but then I also found some things that could make this fun.

Victor Franenstein hits theaters this Thanksgiving!

Friday the 13th Series Is Coming To The CW!

friday the 13th, friday the 13th tv show, mark pedowitz, cw, steve mitchell, craig van sickle, sean s. cunningham, horrow, slasher, chad posey, film monsterIn what I can equate as the dumbest news to come out recently, apparently the CW will be bringing Crystal Lake to their roster of shows in a Friday the 13th TV series.  Mark Pedowitz confirmed that the CW is developing Friday The 13th, a drama series based on the long-running feature franchise. The series adaptation will be written by Steve Mitchell & Craig Van Sickle, creators of the 1996 NBC series The Pretender through CBS TV Studios and will be an hour-long dramatic series based upon the characters and settings of the franchise, with Sean S. Cunningham, who directed the 1980 original, serving as executive producer.

Look, I’m all about trying new things, but you have to stay true to the original content and remember it’s roots.  This series is known for it’s gore, and while Supernatural, also a CW show has it’s gory moments, I just don’t see how they can satisfy fans of the movies.  Plus I see this having the same issues the Scream TV show having.  You can only have this serial killer going around for so long, eventually he had has to get caught, then the show would have to leapfrog through time because there is no way they could repeat the same thing so close together with the same characters, it would get redundant.  My problem with a Friday the 13th is all anyone has to do is stay away from Crystal Lake, pretty much problem solved because we all know how things turned when Jason left his camp in the sequels.  I think this is a bad idea, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they come up with.

Freddy Kruger Is Getting Another Reboot!

nightmare on elm street, nightmare, freddy kruger, horror, new line, slasher, david leslie johnson, samuel bayer, platinum dune, michael bay, chad posey, screenhall

It’s strange that a movie that spawned six sequels and a TV series in-between would have such a hard time getting started but here we are, five years after A Nightmare On Elm Street was rebooted and it’s happening all over again.  Jackie Earle Haley had taken over as Freddy Kruger in the remake, and while he was decent, he never had the chance to really shine in the role because the project was stinking with disinterest, mainly by the Michael Bay led Platinum Dunes and the director Samuel Bayer.

When the man was chosen for the role the only thing anyone could put down for his resume was directing the Nirvana music video Smells Like Teen Spirit.  In the special features for the film you could tell he regarded horror films as ugly and artless films, which so isn’t the case.  He even made the remark that just because it was a horror film doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful, which of course he’s right, but that seem to be all he cared about.  Even Michael Bay had to beg him to direct the project.  It was clear that Samuel Bayer wanted nothing to do with this project when you go and look at his IMDB page and see he hasn’t done a movie since.  Which is a shame because that was one thing the Freddy movies were missing and that was looking beautiful.  Considering their focus is on dreams, they never had a chance to show that until now but they focused more on the look instead of the reason the film existed which caused it not to resonate with horror fans.

nightmare on elm street, nightmare, freddy kruger, horror, new line, slasher, david leslie johnson, samuel bayer, platinum dune, michael bay, chad posey, screenhall

Well it seems that New Line isn’t planning on making the same mistake again. Platinum Dunes isn’t listed as a producer on the project the slot is still vacant and they’ve tapped Orphan writer David Leslie Johnson to bring Freddy Krueger back to the big screen.   Johnson has worked on a lot of big projects.  He’s been hired to write a new Dungeons and Dragons adaptation, The Wrath of the Titans , and he fits the horror genre well since he used to write for The Walking Dead.  His next projects is penning James Wan’s Conjuring sequel The Conjuring: The Enfield Poltergeist and Disney’s horror Something Wicked This Way Comes.

nightmare on elm street, nightmare, freddy kruger, horror, new line, slasher, david leslie johnson, samuel bayer, platinum dune, michael bay, chad posey, screenhall

It’s pretty clear that Haley won’t be returning for Freddy and I doubt they’ll get Robert England back, but New Line needs to remember the last time they tried to make and Elm Street movie without England and if you watch Elm Street 2, you can clearly see the difference between the stunt man they used and when the brought England on board because the stunt man couldn’t cut it.  If they’re going to do this, they need to do it right or just leave it alone.  I’m not 100% opposed to remakes, I still have the originals I can go back to anytime I want and I love getting new stories with the characters I love, but I don’t like remakes when they’re lazy.  While the Nightmare remake did have some things I liked, it was lazy and it didn’t seem to remember that we’ve seen Freddy do some pretty scary and gruesome stuff in the older movies and in the remake the dream sequences were tame as hell and they shouldn’t have been. What do you guys think of another Freddy remake?

Gil Kenan Will Direct the Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie!

five nights at freddy's, gil kenan, movie, horror, video game movie, scary, chad posey, screenhall

Five Night’s at Freddy’s, is a video game that challenges players to survive for five nights as a security guard in a demented pizza entertainment restaurant where homicidal, possessed animatronics roam the halls in search of their next victims.  The first game debuted back in August of 2014, a sequel was released in November of 2014, a with a third chapter was released earlier this past March, and the fourth in the series was released ahead of schedule from it’s August 2015 release date. . The series has played with non-linear and non-traditional storytelling.

The second game in the series was actually a prequel with the third game taking place thirty years after the original, and the forth one ditches the Showbiz Pizzeria backdrop and actually places you in a child’s bedroom as he tries to survive the night. Mini-games also inhabit the titles offering even more clues to the lore of the franchise and the underlying story of what caused the animatronics of Freddy Fazbear and his friends.

five nights at freddy's, gil kenan, movie, horror, video game movie, scary, chad posey, screenhall

So it is really no surprise that someone would try and turn this into a movie will will be directed by Gil Kenan (Monster House, Poltergeist) and for someone who doesn’t play the games, I would like to see one.  I can watch scary movies all the time, get my scare in and I’m out, but a video game can drag you much deep then a movie can and because of that I have a hard time playing ‘scary’ video games.  I’ve watched the playthroughs and nervous as hell.

Five Night’s at Freddy’s will reunite Kenan with Poltergeist producer Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment and here’s where I start to get nervous.  While the violence in the games in nearly nonexistent, it is scary and I don’t want this to turn into some horror comedy.  This is a real chance to make this a horror movie that can be watched each year around Halloween if they don’t dilute it.

Scream (TV Series) Trailer!

What starts as a YouTube video going viral, soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town’s troubled past.

I grew up in the Scream era.  It was a huge part of my teenage years, a movie that all my friends were talking about and telling me and other we needed to see it.  Written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven, a film series I continually go back to over the years, relive some nostalgia and enjoy a set of movies, despite it’s flaws, is still scary and enjoyable.  So when I heard that they were making a TV series based off the original idea I, of course, had my doubts.  How can you possibly make a standing series of a group of kids having to figure out who is wiping them out one at a time.  It works in a movie format because it is a movie running off 2 hour time limit then 13+, it happens with significant lapses in time giving the characters time to grow between films, and it doesn’t happen in the same spot.  Each film, except the fourth one, takes place at different places so it doesn’t look like the town is full of hormone raging psychopaths.

I am curious if and how they can pull this off.  MTV is behind it, and I’ve been hearing some really good things of their Teen Wolf reboot.  So I’m not quite ready to write this off as of yet, and I hope they really push the violence because the films this series is based on was never shy on showing how violent the killer could be.

The series will air on MTV June 30th, 2015!

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Friday The 13th Sequel Won’t Be Found Footage!

It appears that Platinum Dunes is working on a the long awaited sequel to their reboot of the Friday the 13th franchise which I always felt was a bit underrated.  I really enjoyed The Texas Chainsaw Masscure remake and felt they really nailed the tone of the Friday franchise.  Brad Fuller, co-founder Platinum Dunes, discussed the upcoming sequel and denied recent rumors that they were going the found footage route.

friday the 13th, gambitcon, jason voorhees, horror, slasher, remake, sequel, brad fuller, michael bay“I could just say that for a long time we were stalled,” Fuller tells Shock. “I think you guys reported that the movie was going to be a found footage movie and that was a road that we went down and tried to figure out. Ultimately, I think Michael, Drew and I felt that we couldn’t figure that out, so we kind of jettisoned that whole notion and we had to start over. We’re in the latter phases of that starting over and hopefully we’re getting a script in the next month or two, and we’ll go back to Crystal Lake.”

I while a found Friday film would have been pretty amazing, way back in 1999, too many movies have ridden that trend into the ground and going backwards would just hurt this franchise and I’m glad they could’t figure it out which Fuller addresses by acknowledging that fans want to see Jason.  “At the end of the day, those movies are so fantastic because Jason Voorhees is such a dynamic presence and people love to see him do what he does well. We hope to put Jason in a situation where he’s able to do that again, and it doesn’t feel like you’re seeing the same thing over and over,”

I remember when they announced that the sequel could be a found footage movie and for once, the internet actually did some good, and managed to sway the producers from such an awful idea.  “It absolutely weighs on me, and there have been many times when the fans have affected surely the way we think about, and in some cases the way we shot, some of the stories. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of bullshit in what they’re saying, but very often you’ll get a fan with such a great idea, or a great notion, and it’s meaningful to us,” Fuller says. “Listen, there was an outpouring of negative sentiment when it was revealed that Friday the 13thmight have been a found footage movie. That was very clear to us that there was not a groundswell of support for that. That had tremendous amount of impact on us and only substantiated our concern about doing it as a found footage movie. Ultimately, the fact that the movie’s been delayed for a long time might be a good thing, because now the movie’s not going to be found footage.”

While I’m willing to cut Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes a break and not jump on every single decision they make as the end of the world, it is very clear they aren’t not infallible and do come up with some stupid ideas.  Making a Friday the 13th movie isn’t all that hard if you want to stick to the basics but if you want to branch out and try something new, then try something new, not a genre that the Paranormal Activity movies ran into the ground.

The Friday the 13th sequel is currently slated for a May 13th, 2016 release date.

Has IT Found It’s Pennywise?

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga, who has taken on the writing and directing duties of the New Line produced It.  Based off the Stephen King book of the same name, the original story followed a group of outcast kids come together over summer break to take on a monster that’s haunting their town, battling their own personal monsters in the process.  For those who don’t remember, King’s popular book was made into a TV mini-series in 1991 starring John Ritter and Tim Curry, who played the clown and pretty much ignited my fear of clowns forever.  The mini-series was a real mixed bag if you ever go back and try to re-watch it.  I remember it scaring the crap out of me as a kid but revisiting as an adult it really doesn’t hold up well, especially with that crazy, out of no-where ending.

stephen king, film monster, will poutier, it, filmA film adaptation never happened given the size of King’s novel, but Fukunaga has been very vocal recently that the latest script will stay true to the King story while also giving the film a new look and it will be split into two feature films.  The production is really starting to pick up with rumors circulating they have possibly found their new Pennywise.  Will Poulter (“We’re the Millers”) is in negotiations to play Pennywise, the evil monster who lured in children disguised as a clown, in the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s horror classic.  While Tim Curry really owned that role, I’m not above believing there isn’t room for improvement.

Fukunaga said they looked into older actors like Mark Rylance and Ben Mendelsohn for the Pennywise role, New Line wanted to take a different route and go younger and Fukunaga could not say no after being blown away by Poulter’s audition for the part and felt he was the right choice for the role.

Of course they wanted to go younger, they’re more then likely trying to build a franchise off this, but I’m one to give the kid a chance and interested in where they are going to take this story.