Pacific Rim 2 Has Been Placed On An Indefinite Hold!

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Well this is unfortunate, Guillermo del Toro, has the worst luck with projects.  Despite pulling in over $400 million worldwide, it appears that the sequel to the 2013 Kaiju vs. giant robots film isn’t as guaranteed as we thought.

Reports are coming down that the film has been put on a hold, possible forever.  The film was slotted for August 4, 2017 but it was pulled from the schedule much like Tron 3 was pulled by Disney.  The reasoning behind this is rather strange since it’s being produced by Universal, which just came off the highest grossing year for a studio ever with Disney just behind them.  It seems it boils down to Toro’s upcoming Crimson Peak, which apparently carries a hefty budget for an R-rated film and Universal isn’t too keen on pushing out a $160+ million budget for a movie starring that guy from Sons of Anarchy.

I really enjoyed Pacific Rim, to me it was a good interpretation of an anime.  I did have an issue with the way the Jaegers went out like a bunch of punks in the middle of the film, but it had enough to make me have more of a positive feeling towards the movie then a negative one.  While I see the business side, as stated before, Universal had a HUGE year, you’d think they would be willing to take a chance or two on other films such as Pacific Rim.  I really hope this gets worked out because I would love to see more of this world del Torro built because you can say what you want about it, it was still a better movie then the recent bore-fest Godzilla.


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