Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 4!

oliver queen, cw, wb, stephen amell, film monsterWhile the first two seasons of the CW’s Arrow are pretty fantastic, the third season was kind of a letdown.  To me, it just lost focus of Oliver Queen and his story and began to focus more on the other characters then including jumping back-and-forth of some flashbacks there weren’t all that interesting.  The show wasn’t without many amazing moments, however, it just started to take a backseat to The Flash and building the groundwork for the Legends of Tomorrow show which is coming in 2016.  Season 3 ended (spoilers) with Ras Al Ghul dead, with Malcolm Merlyn taking over as the new Ras, and Oliver leaving his city, with Felicity, to Thea, Black Canary, and Diggle.  So what has Oliver and Felicity been up to?

“Well they’ve been away,” said Amell, declining to name specifically where Oliver and Felicity are.  “They are away and I believe they are still away when we get going again.”  As for whether the show will buck comic book lore and put Oliver and Felicity together permanently (in the comics, Green Arrow and Black Canary are destined to be together), Amell had another cryptic answer.  “Well you never know, but I think if anyone has a decent chance it’s Oliver and Felicity. Time will tell.”

Amell also clarified his recent comments that Season 4 opens with a time-skip.  What he meant was that, like every previous season of Arrow, the real-world passage of time will be reflected in the show.  “When I said there was a time jump people were like, ‘Oh my God really?’ I didn’t think that was very spoilery because the show has always followed chronologically when we air. Whenever we’ve taken a break and go off the air from May till October, when we leave it’s May and when we come back it’s October.”

I really hope they buckle down and tell more of Oliver’s story instead of thinning it out like they did this past season.  I really did the show but it was several overshadowed by the excellent first season of The Flash.

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