Insidious: Chapter 3 Review!

When the first Insidious movie came out I caught the trailer right before a video I was watching on youtube and it freaked me out.  I immediately checked out the showtimes then as soon as I got off work I headed to the theater.  I spent my entire drive home scared to be in the dark and constantly checking over my shoulder.  It was the first really effective ‘haunted house’ movie I had seen in years that made me uneasy for several nights.  The second one, while still good and effective, did fall into the usual sequel territory, because now we’ve seen this world, it was no longer new.

film monster, leigh whannell, insidious: Chapter 3, horror, blumhouse producitons, james wann

Insidious: Chapter 3 takes place a few years before The Lambert family was being attacked by the Darth Maul demon where Elise Rainier (Lin Shay) is dealing with the recent death of her husband when a young girl named Quinn (Stephanie Scott) comes to her door asking if she can help her talk to her mother who recently died.  Elise warns her that when you call out to the dead all of them can here you and with that a very dangerous spirit clings onto Quinn and begins to beat on her brutally in it’s attempts to pull her soul into it’s dark realm.

I mostly enjoyed the film because it is scary, the antagonist is, at times, freaky to see on the screen, but it’s the bait and switch the story gives us that throws things off.  It’s clear that Leigh Whannell wanted to make Elise the center of the story but her story of dealing with her dying husband and a woman from the dead world who threatens to kill her for reasons that are explained in the first film get pushed to the background for Quinn and her family.

film monster, leigh whannell, insidious: Chapter 3, horror, blumhouse producitons, james wann

Quinn’s brother and friends just come and go whenever they are needed and Dermot Mulroney, who plays Quinn’s father Sean, is just kind of there, fighting to protect his daughter, while not really understanding what he is protecting her from until later in the movie.  At least Whannell managed to not repeat the tired cliche of the parent not believing what their child says is happening to them for most of the movie.  It doesn’t take long for Sean to jump on board when he realizes he has no way of explaining what exactly is happening to his daughter and must trust others who do.

James Wann, who recently directed Furious 7 and has just recently been announced to helm Aquaman for the WB, directed the first two in the series, based off a story from his friend and film school classmate Leigh Whannell.  While Whannell has continued writing the series he has taken over directorial duties for a pretty solid debut minus the few problems the film does carry.

film monster, leigh whannell, insidious: Chapter 3, horror, blumhouse producitons, james wann

What I like most about Whannell is his ability to make each sequel different and yet connect them.  He did the same thing with the first three Saw films, which are the only good ones, and he’s done the same thing here by moving the focus to a different family and really focusing on Elise who is a complete bad ass in this film but the double duty of being writer and director does show strain as Chapter 3 just barely scrapes by as being better then Chapter 2.

While I really do enjoy these movies a lot it is really hard to tell anyone to go out and see this one in the theater, you can completely enjoy this film at home, whether you rent it or buy it if you are anything but a die-hard fan of these films.



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