Has IT Found It’s Pennywise?

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga, who has taken on the writing and directing duties of the New Line produced It.  Based off the Stephen King book of the same name, the original story followed a group of outcast kids come together over summer break to take on a monster that’s haunting their town, battling their own personal monsters in the process.  For those who don’t remember, King’s popular book was made into a TV mini-series in 1991 starring John Ritter and Tim Curry, who played the clown and pretty much ignited my fear of clowns forever.  The mini-series was a real mixed bag if you ever go back and try to re-watch it.  I remember it scaring the crap out of me as a kid but revisiting as an adult it really doesn’t hold up well, especially with that crazy, out of no-where ending.

stephen king, film monster, will poutier, it, filmA film adaptation never happened given the size of King’s novel, but Fukunaga has been very vocal recently that the latest script will stay true to the King story while also giving the film a new look and it will be split into two feature films.  The production is really starting to pick up with rumors circulating they have possibly found their new Pennywise.  Will Poulter (“We’re the Millers”) is in negotiations to play Pennywise, the evil monster who lured in children disguised as a clown, in the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s horror classic.  While Tim Curry really owned that role, I’m not above believing there isn’t room for improvement.

Fukunaga said they looked into older actors like Mark Rylance and Ben Mendelsohn for the Pennywise role, New Line wanted to take a different route and go younger and Fukunaga could not say no after being blown away by Poulter’s audition for the part and felt he was the right choice for the role.

Of course they wanted to go younger, they’re more then likely trying to build a franchise off this, but I’m one to give the kid a chance and interested in where they are going to take this story.


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  1. Words cannot express my excitement. Thanks for sharing!


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