Matt Ryan and Daniel Cerone Are Fighting For Constantine!

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When Constantine was first announced that it was coming to NBC I was perplexed.  This wasn’t the station I thought would produce a darker Supernatural-style show but there it was in all it’s glory.  It took a few episodes to really get going but after that I was hooked and couldn’t get enough, so naturally that meant that it didn’t exactly kill in the ratings, most because they put it on the death slot of Friday night (way  to NBC) but Constantine didn’t kill it, it certainly didn’t fail either.  The ratings were pretty solid, just not the mega hit they were hoping for so fans of the show have been rallying to save the show and get it’s second season. It’s clear that NBC has yet to make a decision, but series creator Daniel Cerone and Constantine himself, Matt Ryan have taken to Twitter and railing against NBC by showing the failure of other shows, such as fallen juggernaut Law and Order having terrible ratings and still being renewed.

If you haven’t checked out Constantine then I can’t stress it enough, you need to check out this show, the show is scary, dark, twisted, and pretty damn funny and is nowhere near that Keanu Reeves letdown, this is the true Constantine!


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