So Why Hasn’t Flash Helped Arrow?

This is a constant questions I hear a lot, especially after The Avengers came and left many people pondering, “Why doesn’t Iron Man call in Hulk, or Cap, or Thor?”, now it’s the same thing since Arrow and Flash first crossed over.  Team Arrow is having one heck of a time as they’ve been dealing with Brick, who was one of the hardest street level villains they’ve had to deal with, given Oliver’s possible death at the hands of Ras Al Ghul who they are already setting up to return back later this season.  Plus, Oliver is now forced to train under Merlyn who had nearly leveled the city in his attempt to clean it up, something that has dived the close group, so…why hasn’t Flash come in and saved the day?

film monster, flash, arrow, wb, dc, cwExecutive Producer Marc Guggenheim explains the reason why:

“One thing we’re always talking about is… we don’t want to sort of run into the problem of, well, why don’t we just call Barry, because he’ll solve the problem in thirty seconds?,” Marc tells Assignment X. “It’s not dissimilar to the Marvel movies where, post-Avengers, why doesn’t Captain America call Thor and just beat up H.Y.D.R.A.? So it’s always trying to be as realistic as possible, at the same time making sure that your Arrow characters are driving the drama.”

I find it odd that this is even an issue, it’s never been a big deal in the comics, the truth is, these characters have their own stuff to deal with, some of it’s personal, some of it is going around the same time, plus you don’t just call in help for every little thing.  If you’ve been keeping up with The Flash you’ll now know that they have discovered not only were there two speedsters there the night Barry’s mother was murdered, but one of them was Barry himself, as an adult, so yeah, he has his own things to worry about.


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